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Women in the Middle East North African region pushing back against patriarchy

The scales are still tilted in favour of men, but younger people with tertiary education have less discriminatory attitudes

The war on women doesn’t stop

The murder of Precious Ramabulana was brutal and shocking, but it is not unique. This is us now

Women on the streets of smart cities

Apps like My Safetipin and Safe Pace are making the public sphere safer

Declare war on the subjugation of women

Men must foster a new humanity and women must go into combat mode

Killer’s life sentence gives family ‘a little peace’

The man who beat Danel Rooskrans to death is behind bars, but that doesn’t change the pain and rage her loved ones are left with

Platitudes and short-term plans

South Africa’s long-term plan for dealing with gender-based violence requires funding and detailed data to be effective

Protesters outside Parliament demand action on femicide, not just words

Hundreds of protesters outside Parliament shouted down the police minister, as political platitudes failed

Underground railroad carries women and children

A network of strangers supports those trying to escape gender-based violence

The shame of Room 80: We must act

Violence and abuse, particularly of women, needs to go beyond expecting the state to end it

Beyond #TheTotalShutdown: Lessons for the movement

The frictions that came to the fore at the march expose a need for forms of mobilisation independent of party politics

Women ask for men to listen: ‘Our bodies are not crime scenes’

Hundreds of women along with members of the LGBTI and gender-neutral groups marched across South Africa raise awareness around gender-based violence

#TotalShutDown protest

Hundreds of women took over the streets of Tshwane to march against gender-based violence on Wednesday

He’s ‘a good guy’ – and other excuses we make for abusers

Many are in denial when a family member or friend is an abuser, perpetuating victim-blaming, writes Kagure Mugo.

Women and children continue to bear brunt of violence on Cape Flats

Women and children bear the brunt of drug and gang violence, but help is at hand in the form of the Saartjie Baartman and Women's Legal centres.

Girls get the power to fight abuse

How to go beyond platitudes when it comes to teenage sexuality and abuse? One NGO has a solution: teach young women to know their worth and rights.

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Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

Stern warning against Covid greets Mthembu’s death

The ANC has slammed conspiracy theorists and cautioned against showing complacency towards the deadly virus

Lala ngoxolo Mvelase Jackson Mthembu

In his announcement, President Cyril Ramaphosa called the late minister ‘a life-long champion of freedom and democracy’

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