David Goldblatt


[Video] Art Fair in focus

What's waiting for you at this year's FNB Jo'burg Art Fair? We get a sneak preview of the weekend ahead and chat to curators and artists.

Art Fair in focus

Three ways of seeing

Shaun De Waal

Shaun de Waal looks at a trio of books dealing with visual arts and photography, revealing different ways of representing our inner and outer worlds.

Ghosts of the past

Shaun De Waal

Shaun de Waal looks at three photographic books that illuminate our history and raise some intriguing questions about the present.

Jo'burg Art Fair stirs up debate

Celean Jacobson

A kaleidoscope of African images and themes is a fitting backdrop for the debate the Jo'burg Art Fair, which opened to the public on Friday, has sparked about what it means to be African and an artist. The fair also has the art world buzzing about tensions between art and commerce.

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