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Mogoeng not a devil’s advocate

The Bible-thumping chief justice really does seem to believe the anti-vaxxing nonsense he preaches

Fight over chief justice’s Israel comments grows

Last year South Africa closed its embassy in Jerusalem and Africa For Palestine alleged in its complaint that Mogoeng “expressed, or at least unambiguously implied” that this “political posture” was not right

Mogoeng’s Palestine stance calls into question his role at the ConCourt

We can only conclude that he ‘willingly and knowingly lent his personal credibility — and that of his office — to a white-washing of Israeli crimes’

Mogoeng on Israel: Bad faith and ‘impunified disregard’ for international law?

The chief justice needs to publicly account for his comments, by either walking them back or explaining his change of heart on international law and its institutions

South Sudan’s guns silent – for now

They’ll roar again unless there’s justice for atrocities and the armed forces are reformed

Cardinal Pell appeals landmark child sex conviction

Cardinal George Pell, found guilty earlier this year on five counts including oral rape and molestation, will begin his appeal against the convictions

As Nigeria votes, Buhari moves from messiah to maligned

Nigerians must not put up with attempts by Nigerian President Buhari to steal the February 16 elections like his predecessors did, says the author

Limited seating for State v Zuma

Members of the media, public and special interest groups will have to apply if they want to watch and report on the proceedings in person

DA: ‘Does Zuma not trust the wisdom and decision of the chief justice?’

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is opposing President Zuma's high court application to delay investigations of state capture by a commission of inquiry

NPA confirms two laptops stolen from NPA offices

Two laptops belonging to prosecutors were stolen at the offices of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in Pretoria.

Chief justice break-in fuels conspiracy theories

Insiders say the country’s spies have better ways to get ‘kompromat’ than stealing judges’ PCs.

Swaziland’s judiciary and government rocked by arrests

The justice minister and two judges have been arrested, although police have held off arresting controversial Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi

No financial independence for chief justice

Financial independence still eludes the chief justice's office, but it will receive much-needed capacity in the form of more than 1 000 staff members.

No funds for Mogoeng’s independence

Despite its importance, the office of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng remains a mere executive "programme" without independent funding.

SA mourns former chief justice Arthur Chaskalson

Tributes to former chief justice Arthur Chaskalson continued to pour in from political parties, the legal fraternity and civil society on Monday.

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Eastern Cape citizens don’t have to visit the labour department for UIF

This measure, aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, may shortly be introduced in other regions.

VBS case delays cause massive frustration

A certificate is needed from the head of the NPA for more arrests to be made

Sounding the alarm on shack fire losses

A tech solution to fires in informal settlements comes with insurance that pays out the victims of these blazes

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