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Obama confronts nuclear threats on world stage

President Barack Obama is returning to the threat to US security that he calls the gravest of all: terrorists getting material for a nuclear bomb.

WikiLeaks cables provide limited vindication for Malema

American diplomatic cables show the Botswana government gave the US the green light to explore the possibility of establishing an Africom base.

Mad hatter politicians and the lies they peddle

The Libya regime's offers to negotiate with the rebels may seem less than sincere but history has coughed up far worse fibs than Gaddafi's fictions.

Protest and arrest threats stall Bush

Human rights campaigners vow to hound ex-US president.

Guess Hu’s coming to dinner

The red carpet is out for the Chinese president -- a far cry from a miserable working lunch.

Republicans flex muscle, Obama promises ‘corrections’

Flexing their political muscle, US Republicans have promised a string of investigations into Barack Obama's administration.

Big Money throws a Tea Party

By funding right-wing organisations, the mega-rich Koch brothers have duped millions into supporting big business at their expense.

Bush ‘pardons’ his last Thanksgiving turkey

US President George W Bush has pardoned his last Thanksgiving turkey,which will now fly first-class to Disneyland in California.

Reviving the American dream

Not long ago it was fashionable to say that American elections didn't matter much to the rest of the world. After eight years of George W Bush...

Not much can be done for taxpayers who face being fleeced

It was a bad plan -- but it was a plan. The refusal of the US House of Representatives to back Hank Paulson's bail out takes us into new territory.

Barack Obama goes on the attack

The financial crisis ended the Palin circus but the Democratic presidential candidate must buck up his ideas to exploit McCain's weak point.

The real nuclear threat

The US and its allies pose the biggest danger to world peace

No geo-strategic conspiracy

Putin claims that Washington is to blame for the Caucasus crisis. Does he really think Dick Cheney's that clever?

The baiting of Ms Obama

As the focus last week turned to Barack Obama's choice of running mate his other crucial partner continues to show that the Democratic nominee isn't t

Obama must win on his own terms

With startling chutzpah, Republicans are again casting the opponent as out of touch. Democrats shouldn't play the game.

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Sounding the alarm on shack fire losses

A tech solution to fires in informal settlements comes with insurance that pays out the victims of these blazes

How smuggled gold destined for Dubai or Singapore has links to France and Mali

Three Malagasy citizens were apprehended at OR Tambo International airport, but now the trail is found to connect to France and Mali

Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

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