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Model Jourdan Dunn attacks racism in fashion industry

British catwalk model Jourdan Dunn has added her voice to a campaign led by black models for more diversity in the fashion industry.

Former Mandela fund trustee due in court

Former Nelson Mandela Children's Fund trustee Jeremy Ractliffe was expected in court on Wednesday on a charge relating to possessing uncut diamonds.

Former Mandela charity CEO faces charges

The South African man whom supermodel Naomi Campbell testified she gave diamonds to is now facing criminal charges, an official said on Friday.

Ractliffe resigns from Mandela fund after diamonds saga

Jeremy Ractliffe has resigned as a trustee of a Nelson Mandela charity after revealing he received uncut diamonds from model Naomi Campbell.

Mandela fund looks into diamonds saga

The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund will call its former CEO to explain why he did not disclose that model Naomi Campbell had given him uncut diamonds.

Naomi Campbell says ‘nothing to gain’ from diamonds

Supermodel Naomi Campbell said on Tuesday she had nothing to gain from being untruthful in her testimony about alleged "blood diamonds".

SA police probe origins of Campbell diamond gift

Police were on Tuesday trying to establish the origins of uncut diamonds handed by Naomi Campbell to a Nelson Mandela charity trustee.

Campbell said Taylor gave her ‘huge diamond’

Mia Farrow told the war crimes court on Monday that she had heard Naomi Campbell say that she had been given a "huge diamond" by Charles Taylor.

Police launch investigation into ‘Campbell’ diamonds

Police are investigating circumstances surrounding the uncut diamonds a trustee of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund received from Naomi Campbell.

Campbell tells court of gift of ‘dirty-looking stones’

Naomi Campbell, testifying at the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, said on Thursday she had been given a pouch containing diamonds.

Naomi Campbell set to testify in war-crimes trial

Model Naomi Campbell is set to testify in a war-crimes court on Thursday about a "blood diamond" gift from Liberian warlord Charles Taylor.

Spotlight on Naomi Campbell in war-crimes trial

The spotlight in Charles Taylor's war crimes trial shifts on Thursday to supermodel Naomi Campbell when she testifies about an uncut diamond.

Supermodel in a jam over gem

The picture speaks volumes. At the centre of a group of 10 people stands Nelson Mandela and beside him his partner and later wife, Graça Machel.

Naomi Campbell to testify at Taylor war crimes trial

Naomi Campbell will give evidence at the war-crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor about a "blood diamond" he allegedly gave her.

Why doesn’t Campbell want to testify about her diamond?

The supermodel is resisting calls to give evidence at the Hague trial of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor.

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