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Art and graphics

Conrad Botes makes a comment on censorship, while Zapiro has his finger on the pulse as usual

Why gay porn appeals to women

Heterosexual porn displays women ‘being fucked’ by men and it’s demeaning

Feminist porn answers a need

Women viewers are increasing and that could help to usher in the sex revolution we are hankering after

Porn on pupils’ tablets is akin to a virus

"While visiting schools, I have observed one common behaviour – pupils storing porn videos on their tablets"

Justice department denies links to Brazzers porn website

The department also said that the keyword “brazzers” had not appeared in any subject line in the emails received in the department’s database.

Don’t do porn if you’re married because you’ll probably end up divorced

Research backs up this finding — but it also revealed that young people are crap at matrimony.

Stevenson Gallery curates SEX in the city

The SEX exhibition attempts to unpack sex through a timeline of events that took place in South Africa in the past decade.

Faith Nketsi could have her revenge the legal way

The leak of a video featuring Queen Twerk having sex has legal ramifications. Content shared online could make one an accessory to revenge porn crime.

Playboy drops nude pictures, can’t compete in digital pornography age

Playboy magazine will stop publishing "passe" pictures of fully nude women, as part of a new strategy to stem falling circulation.

The undemocratic meeting of porn and politics

By defying the supreme court, India's ruling party has shown its contempt for the laws of the land and the constitutional rights of others.

India blocks more than 800 sites in web porn crackdown

Sudden blanket ban on websites considered a ‘social nuisance’ is met with anger online and triggers debate on censorship and freedom.

Sex fallacies must be laid to rest

The school curriculum doesn't cover having 'good' sex, so the youth consult their phones.

Competition head denies resigning following porn scandal

Following claims Shan Ramburuth spent thousands of state funds on porn, the Competition Commission head has denied resigning over the allegations.

Ten things about porn in the USA

We bring you 10 things you may or may not have known about the porn industry in the US.

Porn, pliés and pirouettes

Since Tamara Rojo's appoint­ment as artistic director of the English National Ballet, the former ballerina has proved a natural at working the media.

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Scores die in Western Cape’s deadly taxi tit-for-tat

Forty-three people were shot dead in the first six months of this year in the Western Cape’s intractable taxi violence, while close to 100 have been arrested and 40 are on court rolls in connection with the conflict

Ingonyama Trust Board moves to retrench staff

More than 50 workers at the Ingonyama Trust Board have been issued section 189 notices

Solar stuck where sun don’t shine: State spends R289m to store solar water heaters

The national solar water heater programme is set to take off once again this year, but meanwhile the government is spending millions on storing heaters that have yet to be installed

Press Releases

NSTF-South32 Awards

All of the awards are made for outstanding contributions to science, engineering, technology and innovation in South Africa

The benefits of being a GEMS member

The scheme offers comprehensive and affordable healthcare options to all public service employees and greater access to better healthcare

The evolution of South Africa’s savings culture

A common misconception is that you need a lot of money to start saving, but this is simply not true – you can start with R50

Tobacco producers welcome new research confirming that cigarette ban has failed

Every day that goes by shows the importance of getting rid of this ban and going back to producing and selling cigarettes as we were before

Cost increases sharing of cigarettes

Many people are questioning whether the ban on tobacco in South Africa is not in fact having the opposite effect of that intended

How to tell if you have a hidden contact centre in your business

The important thing to remember is that a contact centre is defined less by the physical space it occupies and more by the customer experience it delivers

Accessing health and justice in a time of Covid-19

The similarities between the HIV epidemic and the Covid-19 pandemic are hard to ignore – the most obvious is the level of premature deaths caused by both

Position of the African Blood Regulators Forum on the use of Convalescent Plasma in Africa as a potential therapy for Covid-19

A potential treatment for Covid-19 is the transfusion of convalescent plasma collected from those who have recovered from into those who are still affected

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