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Derby-Lewis not involved with Waterkloof Four blackmail

The convicted killer's lawyer has denied blackmail allegations surrounding video footage of Waterkloof Four inmate Christoff Becker.

Waterkloof Four: Becker’s prison transfer ‘due to misconduct’

Christoff Becker, one of the Waterkloof Four, has been transferred to another prison after a cellphone was discovered in his cell during a search.

Waterkloof Four: Becker’s privileges suspended after phone found in cell

One of the Waterkloof Four has had his privileges suspended for 32 days and might move prison cells after a cellphone was found in it.

Waterkloof Two’s parole revoked for 12 months

After a video of them allegedly drinking alcohol and using a cellphone in prison surfaced, two of the Waterkloof Four will spend another year in jail.

Two of Waterkloof Four appear before parole board after video

Two of the Waterkloof Four have appeared before the parole board, pending a review, following a leaked video showing them drinking alcohol in jail.

Weekend 101: Parly insults and Waterkloof Four stupidity

Jacob Zuma's "good story” Sona speech criticised, Nkandla only cost R50-million (roughly), and how showing your pecs can land you in trouble.

Ndebele warns Waterkloof Four warders

Any official found to have helped with a jail cell party for two of the "Waterkloof Four" will be punished, says the correctional services minister.

Waterkloof Four: Two arrested held for 72 hours

While an investigation into a prison cell party continues, two of the Waterkloof Four killers re-arrested over the weekend will be held for 72 hours.

Waterkloof Four: Two re-arrested over prison-party claims

After reports that alcohol had been smuggled and a party took place inside a prison cell, two of the Waterkloof Four have been re-arrested.

The Waterkloof Four: It’s water under the bridge, boys

The Waterkloof Four murdered a homeless man, and now they're being welcomed back to the braai.

Waterkloof Four given warning for being too ignorant

Upon their parole release, the Waterkloof Four were issued an unprecedented warning by Society to seem more conscientious and less ignorant.

Waterkloof Four released under parole conditions

The Waterkloof Four have been released from prison under strict parole conditions, including regular reporting to a corrections office in Pretoria.

Waterkloof Four to be released on parole

The Waterkloof Four, convicted for killing a homeless man and assaulting another, are due to be set free on parole on Tuesday.

‘Well-behaved’ Waterkloof Four to get parole

The so-called "Waterkloof Four" will be released on parole in February, says the correctional services department.

Waterkloof Two back in jail

Two members of the so-called Waterkloof Four, Reinach Tiedt and Gert van Schalkwyk, are back in prison after two years of being under house arrest.

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