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Cape Town’s Open Book Festival turns over a new leaf

In the midst of the pandemic the literary festival is hosting podcasts instead of livestreamed panels

The Portfolio: Nanna Venter

‘Artsronaut’ Nanna Venter lets us in on her process for designing book covers, including for Lauren Beukes’s ‘Afterland’

Review: ‘Afterland’ — a novel that foreshadows the Covid-19 pandemic

For the past five years, Lauren Beukes has been working on a book set in the aftermath of a global epidemic. Its release couldn’t have been more timely

Desecrating books for art and literacy

Nando’s Broken Monsters Charity Art Exhibition in Cape Town raised sufficient funds to cover 21 000 children’s books.

Broken Monsters: A concatenation of nanospaces

SA's trending author has expertly embraced new media as a medium of horror, and the characters of her female protagonists defy casual stereotyping.

Sparkle and flair from UJ Prize writers

UJ Prize winners Lauren Beukes and Dominique Botha have penned well-crafted novels that are innovative and refreshing reads.

Lauren Beukes’s ‘Zoo City’ comes to life in the urban jungle

An exhibition based on Lauren Beukes's "Zoo City" taps into the gritty energy of Jo'burg while exploring the concept of the human and urban animal.

Taking a page from a book of art

Bestselling author Lauren Beukes has a way with violence–a dark twisting of words.It's not a platform for cheap thrills, though.

Leonardo DiCaprio buys rights to Lauren Beukes’s novel

South African author Lauren Beukes's "The Shining Girls" will be adapted for television by US actor Leonardo DiCaprio's company Appian Way.

Grisly death passes without comment

Lauren Beukes's latest novel, a nightmare tale of a time-hopping women-killer, is a publisher’s dream but leaves little in its wake.

Lauren Beukes: At the forefront of the global invasion

By ditching the tired narratives of contemplation and guilt, Beukes’s otherworldly novels have beefed up the anaemic world of South African fiction.

City meets celluloid

Film rights to Lauren Beukes's <i>Zoo City</i> have been awarded to a local producer. We spoke to Beukes about adapting her award-winning novel.

Dark city

Award-winning author <b>Lauren Beukes</b> visits the art exhibition inspired by her novel.

What’s behind sashaying for the sash

A local documentary about a beauty pageant for cross-dressers has a delicate, unexpected message.

Behind all the monkey business

<b>Gwen Ansell </b>talks genres and urban fictions with Lauren Beukes, winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award for her 'muti noir' novel <i>Zoo City</i>.

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Don’t be deceived: Covid-19 vaccines are not for sale

Police warn against fake Covid-19 vaccines and urge the public to report any criminal activities

Zondo deplores ‘attempted killing’ of state capture witness who implicated Molefe

The deputy chief justice says an attack on one witness may deter many others from giving evidence

State’s failure to act leaves Mpumalanga community at land grabbers’ mercy

Mpumalanga land claimants have been failed by state organs, whose officials are not helping them to remove land invaders, despite a court order

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