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Former CAR president renamed as Seleka leader

Michel Djotodia, former president of the Central African Republic, has taken over leadership of the Muslim Séléka militia group again.

Adoption a new hope for CAR children in crisis

Despite the challenges faced in adopting a child from the Central African Republic, it remains one of the few ways to help young victims of conflict.

CAR: Parliament votes on new interim president

Following a period of sectarian violence in the Central African Republic, a special session of Parliament convened to elect a new interim president.

CAR’s new leader orders security crackdown

The CAR's new interim leader has ordered troops in Bangui to shoot troublemakers "at point blank range" in a bid to end months of violence.

Violence erupts in CAR despite Djotodia’s resignation

Violence and looting broke out overnight in capital city Bangui after Michel Djotodia stepped down as president, leaving at least three people dead.

Djotodia quits amid CAR chaos

Michel Djotodia, the rebel-turned-president of the Central African Republic, has quit his position as the country slides further into violence.

CAR President Djotodia resigns at Chad summit

A statement issued after a two-day summit in Chad over violence in the CAR says president and Seleka leader Michel Djotodia has resigned.

Djotodia pressed for answers on crumbling CAR

Swept to power as the previous CAR regime crumbled, Michel Djotodia now stands accused less than a year later of letting his country slide into chaos.

CAR interim president to step down

Michel Djotodia will step down at a summit of regional leaders amid frustration at his failure to quell religious violence in the country.

SA recognises CAR’s transitional government – Zuma

Jacob Zuma says SA recognises the Central African Republic's transitional government, adding that foreign policy on the matter remains unchanged.

Clashes leave over a dozen dead in Central Africa

More than 12 people have been killed in clashes between residents and fighters from the Seleka rebel coalition that seized power in Central Africa.

CAR’s criminal soldiers ‘out of control’

"Out of control elements" is how locals are referring to those responsible for the acts of violence that are keeping people off the CAR's streets.

Long road ahead for CAR’s shaky leadership

Without a Nelson Mandela of its own, expectations in the Central African Republic of the new crew in power, under Michel Djotodia, are low.

SA troops to be withdrawn from CAR

Chad's leader says President Jacob Zuma has pledged that South African troops will pull out of the Central African Republic.

New CAR leader, facing isolation, says no reprisals

Central African Republic's new leader Michel Djotodia said he would not take reprisals against rivals and called on those who fled abroad to return.

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