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/ 7 May 2008

Stephen Hawking to spend time in SA

He’s been described as science’s first real rock star and the most famous physicist never to win a Nobel Prize. He knows black holes and p-branes inside out and he’s headed for South Africa. Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking, author of the best-selling A Brief History of Time, arrives in Cape Town this week to deliver a public lecture, his first on the African continent.

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/ 21 February 2008

Virgin Galactic plans more spaceships

Virgin Galactic, billionaire Richard Branson’s space travel venture, plans to order five more spaceships and aims to turn a profit in five years from its commercial launch in 2010, an official said on Thursday. Prospective space travellers have so far placed deposits totalling more than -million for tickets that cost  000 each.

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/ 22 January 2008

Rainbow nation, red tape

I have spent most of my life trying to fight injustice — and thankfully there is still the space to do so in South Africa. But not once did I consider the impact of South Africa’s archaic public- and private-sector rules on people who were born elsewhere. Of course, for many if not most political and economic refugees, coming to South Africa is a harrowing experience.

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/ 21 January 2008

UK backs Northern Rock bonds, seeks rescue bids

Britain set a two-week deadline for a private-sector rescue of Northern Rock on Monday, as it confirmed plans to convert its billions of pounds of loans to the stricken bank into bonds in a bid to smooth a deal. The financing package will tie the government to Northern Rock, Britain’s biggest casualty of the global credit crunch, for years to come.

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/ 26 November 2007

Virgin team picked for Northern Rock rescue

A consortium led by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has been picked as the preferred bidder to rescue Northern Rock and plans to repay £11-billion (,6-billion) quickly to the Bank of England. Half the cash will come from the consortium and half will be raised through a rights issue at 25 pence per share.