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Unpacking the draft rules of empowerment

Changes to the BEE codes will affect all small businesses

What is Walmart’s R200m worth?

Local companies may be in for lucrative opportunities to supply the multinational retailer

Lawyers lick chops at labour rules

The jury has been out on whether the new set of labour-broker laws will benefit thousands of temporary workers, but litigation will soar.

Google lures small business online

A new service on Google has emerged and makes it easy to build professional-looking websites for free, which comes in handy for small businesses.

Not much for the little guy to celebrate

Some small businesses are likely to benefit from minor tax tweaks but there is no relief on the jobs front.

Conflict reigns in the workplace

An increasing number of workers have turned to the law to solve disputes with their employers.

Mining SA’s foreign ‘deal sweetener’

Local engineering firm lands Scottish mine contract with finance from a state-owned company.

Cash-strapped owners blame Sars

South Africa's tax structure leaves smaller companies dangerously out of pocket, they say.

‘Redeployed’ officials behind export crackdown, says customs

A modernisation programme to digitise local export processes may lie behind the puzzling clampdown that has left local food exporters reeling.

Exporters ‘robbed’ of tariff-free status

Small food exporters are reeling after an inexplicable clampdown by customs and excise on their goods to Europe.

Entrepreneurs ‘ageing and dying’

New research paints a picture of the dwindling number of buyers willing to take on the difficult life of a factory owner.

Seda helps iron out invoice delays

Seda has established a call centre to ensure that the government settles its payments on time.

Government launches direct lending for small businesses

Khula, the government's small-business finance agency, has quietly embarked on the state's first attempt at lending money directly to small businesses

Haunted by Cipro’s ghost

The new keeper of the companies register is battling to shake off Cipro's legacy.

Tenants ‘gatvol’ of the V&A Waterfront

New V&A owners face a shopping centre seething with discontent, writes <b>Barrie Terblanche</b>.

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Q&A Sessions: George Euvrard, the brains behind our cryptic crossword

George Euvrard spoke to Athandiwe Saba about his passion for education, clues on how to solve his crosswords and the importance of celebrating South Africa.

Why prisoners are a priority in vaccine rollout

Inmates comprise a vulnerable group in society and they are meant to receive Covid-19 vaccines earlier than the general population. This has sparked debate locally and globally

Can you get reinfected with Covid-19? SA has ‘4 000 potential reinfections’

Although the new strain 501Y.V2 of the virus has spread 50% more rapidly, current evidence shows that it is not more severe than the one experienced in the first wave

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