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‘Writing is about revelations and reversals’

In this essay novelist Yvonne Vera let us in on her writing process

What exile means to creatives

Clockwise from top left: Maurice T Nyagumbo, Ruth Nomonde Chinamano, Josiah Tongogara, Jason Ziyaphapha Manyika, Johanna Nkomo and Robson Manyika. The stamps appear in the book as a way of writing Zimbabwe’s lesser known political figures into the canon

Zimbabwe’s civic services on the edge

Doctors warn of  ‘silent genocide’ as strike enters tenth week

The day the dollar died, the music also crashed

Bulawayo’s cool jazz scene has been destroyed by the disastrous economy

Zimbabwe fire brigade on frontline after protests

Bulawayo's fire brigade should have 320 employees but is 70 people short because of budget cuts

​Five dead, dozens injured as protests prompt brutal crackdown in Zimbabwe

The protests began on Monday after President Emmerson Mnangagwa had announced a hike in fuel prices by up to 150%

Zimbabwe union leaders arrested before planned march — lawyers

Peter Mutasa, president of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) — the country's largest trade union — was among those detained

Meet Zimbabwe’s superhero who may have been inspired by #ThisFlag’s Evan Mawarire

​The #ThisFlag movement and its founder have enjoyed support online and on the street but a different kind of hero is inspiring Zimbabweans on YouTube

[From our archives] Industrial empire Bulawayo reduced to a ghost town

Bulawayo turns 120 this year but the city has little to celebrate after its once-thriving economic sector has all but crumbled.

Top Zim official caught up in land dispute

A functionary's murky claim to a neighbour's farm has jeopardised a gold mine on the property.

Hundreds hoodwinked by pyramid scheme in Zimbabwe

Businesspeople and civil servants in Bulawayo are in a bind after their investments, worth millions, disappeared in a possible pyramid scheme.

Bulawayo’s taps tightened as water shortage bites

Bulawayo's water woes are set to mount, with its city council indicating that it will be extending water restrictions from three days a week to four.

Bulawayo orders ‘big flush’ amid water rationing

Bulawayo has ordered its residents to flush toilets at the same time once a week to prevent blockages during frequent periods of water rationing.

Youths target empty buildings in Bulawayo

Zanu-PF youths in collaboration with senior party bigwigs are spearheading the illegal invasion of buildings and properties in Bulawayo.

Bulawayo business in peril

At Bulawayo's posh Rainbow Hotel, Saviour Kasukuwere, shares a guffaw with the business executives sitting next to him.

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R2.3bn VBS trial expected to only begin in 2022

The state is expected to request a 16 week-long trial, as delays stymie progress in the saga.

Eastern Cape citizens don’t have to visit the labour department for UIF

This measure, aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, may shortly be introduced in other regions.

VBS case delays cause massive frustration

A certificate is needed from the head of the NPA for more arrests to be made

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