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The mechanism of contagion in racism

How race came to function as fuel to an exploitative economic system. Take the case of South Africa…

JM Coetzee: A fine mind, a formidable intellect

Behind JM Coetzee, the writer lauded for his ‘wonderfully brave, bold mind’ , is John Coetzee, the quiet man

The pitfalls of artistic canons

Is there sufficient rigour to update the existing literary canon and infuse it with new voices that will themselves become canons in decades to come?

A novel response to ‘Disgrace’

The author reimagines a voice and lets it fill the gaps of one of South Africa’s famous books

​Enigmatic Michael K stripped

Nthikeng Mohlele has recast JM Coetzee’s character to explore the changed cultural environment

Coetzee listens, learns in Palestine

Author defines apartheid to describe situation in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The life and works of John Coetzee

Shaun de Waal applauds David Attwell’s survey of JM Coetzee’s manuscripts and notes to self.

Social justice calls for new thinking

A new kind of intellectual needs to join the ranks of those fighting for economic emancipation, writes Louise Ferreira.

Jo’burg Art Fair censorship: Artists back each other up

The redeeming factor of the Jo'burg Art Fair was seeing one artist stand up for another, writes Percy Zvomuya.

International artwork inspired by JM Coetzee

Berlinde de Bruyckere's sculpture on exhibition at Belgium's Venice Biennale was inspired by South African author JM Coetzee.

St John the Austere considers the life of a boy called Jesus

JM Coetzee’s latest novel, with its highly efficent and clinical prose, is both befuddling and engaging.

JM Coetzee’s badly written and sycophantic biography

'JM Coetzee: A Life in Writing' suffers from many problems, including a star-struck author, writes Imraan Coovadia.

JM Coetzee on education in South Africa

Many felt that author JM Coetzee's honorary doctorate speech at Wits was removed from the realities of SA education. Listen to the speech.

Our literary disgrace

The sale of JM Coetzee's archive to a Texan university revives the question of where South Africa's literary heritage should be preserved.

Texan university holds JM Coetzee’s past to Ransom

The professional archive of JM Coetzee will be housed at the University of Texas's Ransom Centre, offering a rare glimpse into the master storyteller.

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Pay-TV inquiry probes the Multichoice monopoly

Africa’s largest subscription television operator says it is under threat amid the emerging popularity of global platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime

​No apology or comfort as another Marikana mother dies without justice

Nomawethu Ma’Bhengu Sompeta, whose funeral will be held this weekend, was unequivocal in calling out the government for its response to the Marikana massacre

Covid-overflow hospital in ruins as SIU investigates

A high-level probe has begun into hundreds of millions of rand spent by the Gauteng health department to refurbish a hospital that is now seven months behind schedule – and lying empty

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