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Romney an echo of Obama

A world in which Mitt Romney holds the single most powerful office may sound a very different place from that of President Barack Obama.

Egypt’s Morsi heads to Iran for Syria talks

Mohamed Morsi's Tehran visit, the first by an Egyptian leader since 1979, is part of plan to form a regional contact group to broker peace in Syria.

Taliban seeks negotiated settlement in Afghanistan

A senior commander of the Taliban has offered a pragmatic view on the futility of the war and the future of Afghanistan. Julian Borger reports.

Scientists try to revive Iran nuclear talks

As part of extensive war games, Iran test-fired medium-range missiles capable of hitting US bases in the region or Israel.

Pakistan sets Afghan peace rules

Without a clear action plan, Pakistan will not support the United States-driven reconciliation plans for Afghanistan.

US fails to show up for its Taliban party

US government in danger of missing out on historic peace settlement in Afghanistan.

Iran shrugs off oil export sanctions

An already frail economy will come under more pressure when the EU ban comes into effect.

Taliban office in Qatar a ‘dramatic breakthrough’

The United States has agreed in principle to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

Iran nuke claims: Russia rejects call for more sanctions

Russia has rejected EU calls for further sanctions against Iran in the wake of a UN reports that Tehran had experimented with nuclear weapon designs.

Nuclear watchdog: Iran ‘working on advanced warhead’

The UN's nuclear watchdog is set to reveal alleged Iranian work on an advanced nuclear warhead -- though this is not regarded as a "smoking gun".

Dalai Lama ban would extract a political cost

The South African foreign ministry's excuses for dithering over entry visa for Desmond Tutu's birthday celebrations are paper thin.

New concerns over Afghan stability

The assassination of a close ally and mentor of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai after the killing of his powerful half-brother has raised questions

Heat is on Obama to slash aid

As fears about Pakistan's nuclear security mount, the US Congress is calling for decisive action.

Killing justified by ‘laws of war’

Obama administration sticks to its guns amid conflicting reports on Bin Laden's death

No-fly measure over Libya fails to take off

The Obama administration recently played down a proposal to establish a no-fly zone over Libya.

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The PPE scandal that the Treasury hasn’t touched

Many government officials have been talking tough about dealing with rampant corruption in PPE procurement but the majority won't even release names of who has benefited from the R10-billion spend

Health workers afraid of passing Covid to family

While nurses bear the brunt of the most psychologically affected of health workers, most are concerned about access to protective supplies

Treasury presents Covid-19 corruption action plan

Reports of corruption, over-pricing and the delivery of sub-standard PPE have become the norm over the past five months as the country grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic

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Covid-19: Outlook on the economy, politics and labour

Old Mutual had experts unpack the effects of the pandemic and provide practical tips on how to deal with the financial impact of job losses and salary cuts

Opt-in to Popia

All business owners should take note: there is a lot of work ahead to ensure compliance with the POPI Act that has just come into effect

Capital Legacy talks life

The Covid-19 pandemic is revealing how few people actually sort their affairs to the benefit of their loved ones they leave behind when they pass on

Accounting technician beats the odds to obtain a professional qualification

'Being an AT(SA) offers lifelong learning and professional development opportunities because you never get to stop learning'

Associate general accountant reveals why she chose to work in the public sector ­– and stayed

Rakshika Danilala is part of the team tasked with auditing the R500-billion fiscal package allocated by government to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic

Accounting for sustainability: A South African case study

The accountancy profession has been recognised and seen its models replicated as successful models for projects that contribute towards the SDGs

Debt management amid Covid-19 and beyond

This webinar on Debt Management, sponsored by Debt Rescue, had its experts share a practical approach to debt management amid this crisis and beyond

NSTF-South32 Awards

All of the awards are made for outstanding contributions to science, engineering, technology and innovation in South Africa

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