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Naoto Kan resigns as Japan’s prime minister

Japan's prime minister has announced his resignation after plunging approval ratings over his handling of the tsunami disaster and nuclear crisis.

Moody’s cuts Japan rating, blaming politics

Moody's Investors Service cut its rating on Japan's government debt by one notch to Aa3 on Wednesday, blaming revolving-door political leadership.

US, Japan will bounce back, says Biden

Joe Biden warned the world not to underestimate Japan and the US, saying the two countries are still Pacific powers and will overcome their problems.

Sixty-six years on: Nagasaki remembers bombing

The US sent its first representative to the annual memorial for the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, which killed almost 80 000 people.

Anti-nuke protests in Japan three months after quake

Japan on Saturday marks three months since its quake-tsunami resulted in a nuclear crisis while frustration grows over the government's slow response.

Japan’s prime minister faces no-confidence vote

Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan, struggling with the nation's tsunami and nuclear disasters, on Thursday faced a no-confidence motion.

Jaded by nuclear power, Japan chases the rising sun

Japan will undergo a renewable energy revolution, with 10-million homes powered by solar energy in the years ahead, the country's prime minister says.

Japan shuts down atomic plant in quake danger zone

Japan shut down the final reactor near a tectonic faultline on Saturday as Naoto Kan pledged a new law to compensate Fukushima nuclear crisis victims.

‘Reborn’ Japan reaches out to the world

Japan's prime minister outlines the challenges and the contribution it hopes to make to those who came to its aid.

Japan plans new tsunami wall at nuclear plant

The operator of Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant will build a wall to defend it against future tsunamis, reports said on Monday.

Japan’s Kan under pressure after party falters in polls

Unpopular Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan faces fresh pressure to quit after his ruling party's losses in local elections on Sunday.

Calls grow for Japan PM to quit in wake of quake

Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan was called on to quit over his handling of the country's natural calamities and a nuclear crisis on Thursday.

Japan prime minister enters nuclear zone

Japan's prime minister made his first visit to the country's tsunami-devastated region on Saturday and entered a nuclear exclusion zone.

Reactor fear at Japan plant as toll tops 10 000

The operator of a Japanese nuclear plant on Friday reported possible damage to a reactor vessel, casting doubts over control of a radiation leak.

Japanese government faces heavy defeat in elections

New prime minister, Naoto Kan, concedes plans to raise sales tax a factor in coalition parties losing control of upper chamber.

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