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The persistence of the far-right

The Crusaders terror plots shows that far from being minor maniacal blimps, militant racist groups are on the rise in South Africa

SA men: A history of violence

The equation of racism and manliness in certain schools has shown that at the core, there are high levels of violence.

‘Kill 30 blacks for every white murdered’

At a meeting in Bloemfontein, a right wing group has called for vengeance attacks on black people, "because we are 30 times fewer than they are".

Terre’Blanche trial turns focus on Child Act

The officer investigating Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder admits to being ignorant of the Child Justice Act when arresting a minor linked to the murder.

Translation drawn into question in Terre’Blanche trial

The work of a translator who mediated between police and a youth accused of killing right wing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche is being questioned.

Minor’s mother present after Terre’Blanche’s murder

The mother of a minor accused in right wing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder trial was present when he pointed out crime scenes and confessed.

Terre’Blanche’s widow denies farm worker sodomised

A farm worker accused of killing Eugene Terre'Blanche has told the court that the right wing leader sodomised him, which Terre'Blanche's widow denies.

Terre’Blanche trial resumes with captain’s cross-examination

The AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche murder trial is set to resume with testimony from the police captain who visited the murder scene.

Terre’Blanche murder trial: More police blunders exposed

The Eugene Terre'Blanche murder trial enters its seventh day today, after a series of police blunders were picked apart by the defence on Monday.

Terre’Blanche murder scene photos posted on Facebook

Close family of slain AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche are threatening to sue a man for posting gruesome pictures of his corpse on Facebook.

Police testify at ET murder trial

The fifth witness in the murder trial of AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche has taken to the stand, also testifying to the suspect's admission of guilt.

AWB: We won’t make a fuss at ET murder trial

There will be no protests by AWB members at the murder trial of two workers accused of killing right-wing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, the group says.

Terre’Blanche murder trial resumes

Police and AWB members gathered outside court on Tuesday ahead of the appearance of two people accused of killing AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche.

Restricted access to Terre’Blanche trial

An order restricting the media from attending the Eugene Terre'Blanche murder trial next month will be granted in the next few days, a judge has said.

Media granted access to Terre’Blanche trial

Media houses were granted access to the trial of Eugene Terre'Blanche's alleged killers at the Ventersdorp Circuit Court on Thursday.

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We will find resources to ensure the Zondo commission completes its work — Lamola

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola says his department will ensure the state capture commission is afforded the financial resources to complete its work, despite the treasury’s uncertainty

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