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The questions abducted photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed answered to prove he is alive

It was these 10 questions that helped determine almost a year after Mohamed was kidnapped in Syria that he is still alive, the family said

Peru hostages rescued after 25 years

The 13 adults and 26 children had been used as slaves in remote mountain communities.

Hypocritical West balks at hostage swaps

When in the past European governments have paid ransoms of whatever kind to free their nationals, they have been accused of letting the side down.

Car chase, hostage drama as Charlie Hebdo suspects cornered

Shots were fired during a car chase and at least one hostage taken in Paris as the search for the gunmen who attacked the paper's officers heightened.

Gunman takes hostages in Sydney, demands Isis flag

Five people fled a central Sydney cafe where a gunman is holding terrified hostages after displaying an Islamic flag at the window.

Sure beats a stock home invasion

Kidnappers hold a ?family to ransom ?in a tense and ?complex drama.

New al-Qaeda video shows SA hostage Steve McGowan

Al-Qaeda has released a new video of seven foreign hostages, including South African Stephen McGowan, urging negotiations for their release.

France battles Mali extremists as hostage crisis unfolds

Al-Qaeda-linked fighters have killed two people in Algeria, taking more than 40 foreign hostages, while French troops battled Islamist rebels in Mali.

Militants take US hostages in Algeria

The US has confirmed that American citizens are among hostages being held in Algeria after an attack by Islamist militants near a southern gas field.

Somalian al-Shabab claim French agent’s ‘fate’ decided

Somalia's al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab has said they have decided the "fate" of a French intelligence agent they have held since 2009.

German gunman kills four people, self in hostage stand-off

A gunman has killed four hostages in south-west Germany before shooting himself while resisting eviction from his apartment building.

A great escape: A kidnapped Filipino’s story

A Filipino wildlife photographer was seized with two tourists during a bird-watching trip. He tells the story of his escape from his captors hands.

French hostages in Niger killed in ‘cold blood’

Suspected al-Qaeda kidnappers killed two young French hostages in 'cold blood' during a failed rescue operation in the deserts of Niger.

French nursery hostage drama ends safely

Half-a-dozen children were released safely on Monday after being held hostage by a teenager armed with two swords at a nursery in France.

Youth takes children hostage at French nursery

Up to half-a-dozen children were held hostage by a 17-year-old youth armed with swords at a nursery school in the French city of Besancon on Monday.

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Finance probe into the Ingonyama Trust Board goes ahead

The threat of legal action from ITB chairperson Jerome Ngwenya fails to halt forensic audit ordered by the land reform minister

Fake trafficking news targets migrants

Exaggerated reports on social media of human trafficking syndicates snatching people in broad daylight legitimate xenophobia while deflecting from the real problems in society

Female cops sent for rape counselling

Brigadier Sifiso Cele denies the rape allegations, saying that they are part of a smear campaign and that criminal charges should have been opened if the accusations were true

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Concept papers are sought for implementating activities, for a multi-faceted programme that aims to reduce poaching and illegal trade in wildlife

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The longer you save towards retirement the larger your retirement savings are expected to be due to the effect of compounding interest

In conversation with SA Reserve Bank Governer, Lesetja Kganyago

'Make interest rates zero and inflation goes up and then people save less – we need savings to fund investment in this country'

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Many business-grade security systems now have built-in learning systems and AI to help businesses stay up to date with protection

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During the pandemic there's been a dramatic increase in depression, anxiety and suicides, according to some of the surveys done

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