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Limpopo: 0. Mpumalanga: 0. That’s how many radiation oncologists these provinces have

Meanwhile, a lone specialist in the North West caters for 3.7-million people as four provinces are forced to send patients to Gauteng.

Why decommissioning Koeberg nuclear plant won’t be easy

For South Africa decommissioning its nuclear plant Koeberg is a reality that cannot be ignored much longer

Fukushima reactor ‘ice wall’ nearly finished

Fukushima's operator on Tuesday started freezing the last section of a $320 million ice wall designed to combat widespread water contamination.

Wi-fi market penetration linked to pregnancy

Amidst accusations of scaremongering, a Chinese company made a router that they state is safer for pregnant women.

Battle over cellphone masts in Northcliff

Northcliff residents are going to war over the towers littering their view and - they say - their bodies. Is the radiation strong enough to hurt them?

Japanese flee Fukushima in fear of nuclear radiation

Okinawa is about as far away as one can get from Fukushima without leaving Japan, and that is why Minaho Kubota is here.

Fukushima’s radioactive water leaks into Pacific Ocean

Large quantities of radioactive water from Fukushima might have found its way into the Pacific Ocean and experts believe it could contain strontium.

Japan nuclear plant stabilising ‘step by step’

Japan said on Tuesday that the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant is gradually stabilising and the amount of radiation being released is falling.

Japan works to avoid explosion at nuclear plant

Workers at Japan's stricken nuclear plant on Thursday pumped nitrogen into a crippled reactor in a bid to prevent a possible explosion.

Japan plugs leak from nuclear plant

Workers at Japan's crippled atomic power plant on Wednesday plugged a hole spewing highly radioactive water into the ocean.

Pressure on Japan to widen nuclear exclusion zone

Pressure is on Japan to expand the evacuation zone around a stricken nuclear power plant after high levels of radiation were found outside the zone.

Japan mulls reactor covers in nuclear crisis

Japan was on Wednesday weighing a series of creative solutions to its unfolding nuclear disaster.

Calm urged as radiation spreads across Asia

Small amounts of radiation from Japan's leaking nuclear power plant have spread across Asia, authorities said on Tuesday.

Radiation leak worsens at Japan nuclear plant

Highly contaminated water has escaped from a reactor building at Japan's stricken nuclear plant and may leak into the ocean, the operator says.

Mushroom-picking and fishing: Life in Chernobyl zone

Hundreds of mainly elderly Ukrainians live within a restricted region around the Chernobyl plant, dispelling the area's reputation as a dead zone.

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Mboweni says no more funding for Zondo after the high court extends the lifespan of the commission

The finance minister suggests money should be found from the cash-strapped justice department

SABC retrenchment process set to be finalised on Friday

At a portfolio committee meeting on Tuesday, developing a sustainable funding model for the SABC was top of the agenda

Slain top cop blamed for not cooperating with police

The widow of Charl Kinnear submitted a petition to parliament to find out why protection services were withdrawn before her husband’s assassination

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