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Elnathan John: Finding the balance of things in strange, new places

Like flotsam you float from one unknown place to another, to seek and establish equilibrium — only to have it all disrupted by a pandemic

The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago, but new walls are going up everywhere

The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago but today we have more borders and walls than ever

Our universities need relevance and excellence

In shaping Africa’s universities we should take the best from two examples: Dar and Makerere

The heat is on to find global saviours

We face a current crisis unlike any other in history — this one affects everyone everywhere

Semenya war reaches new impasse

The athletics world will fail to turn unless the IAAF placates a new opponent

Italy says Berlin terror suspect killed in Milan by police

German authorities, after temporarily detaining another suspect, said they believed Amri drove the truck that ploughed into a Berlin Christmas market

Berlin Biennale curator Gabi Ngcobo gets organised

Gabi Ngcobo’s speciality is to contribute to global discussions about how best to curate art.

Soundcloud expands into mainstream with paid streaming plan

After signing deals with major labels, including holdout Sony Music this month, Soundcloud is adding a subscription plan for consumers.

Berlin Boy: Electro producer Muzi is set to conquer Europe

After moderate success producing for South Africa's A-list hip-hop acts, South African electro producer Muzi has set up shop in Berlin.

Iconic airport takes in refugees

The abandoned Berlin Tempelhof airport, famous for its use during the Berlin airlift in 1948, was earmarked to house up to 1?200 refugees.

Berlin: Achtung South Africa

In a wonderful, terrible city that wears its scars on its sleeve, Lauren van Vuuren discovers the Berlin in all of us.

Touring Bowie’s Berlin

After the surprise release of the singer's first single in more than a decade, Kate Connolly tours the city that inspired his trilogy of albums.

Party from dusk to dawn in a grown-ups’ playground

Berlin is a creative hub and even in the most Sandtonesque area, Friedrichstrasse, home of the Reichstag, there is not a suit in sight.

Merkel supports stronger European Investment Bank

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has added her voice to calls to bolster the European Investment Bank and to use EU infrastructure funds more flexibly.

Let Greeks decide on debt

The process has been hijacked by a self-serving troika that has ignored the people.

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Judicial Conduct Committee orders Mogoeng to apologise for his remarks about SA Israel relations

The JCC said that by the chief justice straying into politics, he breached the judicial conduct code and ordered him to issue an apology and retraction

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

Ithala fails to act against board chairperson over PPE scandal

Morar asked to settle with the state and pay back the profit he made on an irregular tender

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