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How BP Oil Spill Fines Could Help Protect the Texas Coast

Other states were harder hit by the spill, but Texas is still receiving millions of dollars that can be used for vital restoration efforts

Marine life struggling two years after BP oil spill

Two years after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, research is turning up ailing fish bearing diseases.

Transocean points fingers at BP over Gulf oil spill

Transocean has blamed BP for decisions that led to the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

Drilling deep mistakes in the Arctic

Greenpeace's <i>Kumi Naidoo</i> writes from a prison in Greenland about the effect deep water drilling in the Arctic could have on climate change.

BP oil spill: Obama vows to restore Gulf Coast

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday vowed to do "whatever is necessary" to restore the Gulf Coast on the anniversary of the BP rig explosion.

A year on, Gulf still grapples with BP oil spill

When an oil rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico last April, authorities reported that no crude was leaking into the sea. They were wrong.

One year on, damage from BP oil spill lingers

The April 20 anniversary of the BP oil spill is a reminder of the high costs of our energy needs and the consequences of cutting corners on safety.

BP posts annual loss on oil-spill disaster

BP on Tuesday posted its first annual loss in almost two decades as a result of last year's devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Commission won’t be last word on Gulf oil spill

A commission investigating the Gulf oil spill found decisions intended to save time and money created an unreasonable amount of risk.

$10-billion later, BP plugs the oil leak

BP's bill for containing and cleaning up the oil spill has reached nearly $10-billion.

BP’s disastrous broken well in Gulf of Mexico is ‘dead’

United States officials have finally declared BP's broken well in the Gulf of Mexico "dead", five months after a deadly oil-rig blast.

Battle of oil titans as BP seeks to shift blame for Gulf spill

BP sought to spread the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster on Wednesday, setting off a battle of oil-industry giants.

BP oil spill: Scientists find giant plume of droplets

Scientists have mapped a 35km plume of oil droplets from BP's rogue well in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama: ‘Our job is not finished’ in Gulf oil spill

President Barack Obama on Saturday reassured Americans that the government will stand by coastal residents as a massive clean-up forges ahead.

BP to proceed with relief well after tests

BP will proceed with a relief well to kill its blown-out Gulf of Mexico well, the top US spill official said on Friday.

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