We’re causing an insect apocalypse

About 45% of insect species will become extinct in a few decades because they can’t evolve rapidly enough in a world changed by human activities

Laziness: Lifeline or death knell?

Sluggish snails prevailed, but Homo erectus may have died out because, honestly, why bother?

Ancient DNA changes everything we know about the evolution of elephants

DNA studies reveal that African elephants belong to a very successful and widespread family

Only dishonest mental gymnastics can hold up the hypothesis of race ‘science’

Although it is totally discredited, its pervasive influence still colours perceptions because of its long association with empirical validity

Storytelling an evolutionary tool of our humanity

"Sharing stories is an evolutionary tool that alters our minds," says the author.

Naledi is our spirit, not simply old bones

Is evolutionary science racist? Should we reject the idea that we evolved from ape-like species?

Pope Francis: evolution and creation both right

Pope Francis has cautioned against portraying God as a magician and says it is possible to believe in evolution and creation.

Move with the times and you’ll defeat inequality

Technology has exacerbated inequality. But we should prepare ourselves for an increasingly tech-driven world, an act that could eradicate the problem.

Not so cocky: Roosters lose penises to please hens

Female chickens might have pushed their partners into evolving virtually no penis in order to make mating mutual.

‘Ancestor’ fossils show evolving early humans

Research into two-million year old fossils has found a genus of early humans that were right in the middle of evolving.

Ape genes show we have gorillas in our midst

Our ancestors made the evolutionary split with gorillas about 10-million years ago but we still share a remarkable number of genes with the great ape.

Earliest mammals sniffed their way to success

A new analysis of some of the earliest mammals shows their complex brains evolved in stages, starting with the regions that handle the sense of smell.

Press Releases

Boosting safety for cargo and drivers

The use of a telematics system for fleet vehicles has proved to be an important tool in helping to drive down costs and improve efficiency, says MiX Telematics Africa.

Silencing the guns and firearms amnesty

Silencing the guns and firearms amnesty

Gender-based violence is an affront to our humanity

Gender-based violence is an affront to our humanity

UK-Africa investment summit 2020: Think Africa Invest SA

UK-Africa investment summit 2020: Think Africa Invest SA

MTN unveils TikTok bundles

Customised MTN TikTok data bundles are available to all prepaid customers on *136*2#.

Marketers need to reinvent themselves

Marketing is an exciting discipline, offering the perfect fit for individuals who are equally interested in business, human dynamics and strategic thinking. But the...

Upskill yourself to land your dream job in 2020

If you received admission to an IIE Higher Certificate qualification, once you have graduated, you can articulate to an IIE Diploma and then IIE Bachelor's degree at IIE Rosebank College.

South Africans unsure of what to expect in 2020

Almost half (49%) of South Africans, 15 years and older, agree or strongly agree that they view 2020 with optimism.