University of Stellenbosch


Nuclear or bust?

Lynley Donnelly

A final decision on whether South Africa will extend its nuclear power capacity is expected within the month, if not sooner.

De Villiers: Show me overlooked black talent

Lucky Sindane

Springbok coach Peter has challenged black clubs which claim he is neglecting black talent to name the players they say are overlooked. De Villiers reacted to complaints that rugby authorities paid no attention to black areas and therefore denied talented youngsters opportunities to play at the highest level.

Free State Four: Crimen injuria probed

Mail & Guardian Online reporter and Sapa, Sapa-AFP

Police are investigating a case of crimen injuria in relation to a racist video made by students at the University of the Free State. The video, which caused national outrage, features black university employees on their knees eating food that had apparently been urinated upon by white students. With live video