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The Mogale Centre: A place of hope for young offenders

In the last story of her series about children behind bars, Athandiwe Saba speaks to young men who have committed serious crimes and are now living behind the walls of the Mogale Child and Youth Care Centre

You gotta be the morning aftertaste

Drug user, and later dealer, Fig lives in Yeoville in the mid-1990s. Not a novel for the faint-hearted

Glasgow eye of storm as drug deaths spiral in Scotland

Scotland's biggest city, is the epicentre of a substance abuse crisis, which saw an unprecedented 1187 drug-related deaths last year

China’s vow to curb fentanyl won’t end US opioid crisis — experts

​The US-China trade war truce includes a pledge by Beijing to tackle another lucrative — and deadly — export: fentanyl

Our approach to drugs must change

"Working together on different solutions as a society may help us to know how to deal with the problem".

Letters to the editor: October 6 to 12 2017

Readers write in about the auditor witch-hunt, and drug policy

Codeine abuse is a habit, but how should South Africa deal with it?

All codeine products might soon require a prescription, taking them out of the reach of people needing only a mild pain killer.

Is codeine Africa’s drug of choice?

Common cough, flu and pain medicines can be addictive. Codeine addiction is an increasingly well-known problem in South Africa.

How Africa’s addicts are being helped to stay HIV-free

Those who 'shoot up' have a higher risk of getting infected, but some progressive nations are encouraging drug users to adopt safer habits.

We need to talk about caving in to nyaope

Ivory Park's Operation Thiba Nyaope provides support for addicts and their affected families.

Durban’s homeless face of harassment

For hundreds living on Durban’s streets, life is a cycle of poverty, addiction and physical abuse, writes Fatima Asmal.

Dirty war on drugs in Cape Town

You push against the tide by taking down one dealer at a time - just mind the hell hounds and small children.

Tanzania’s ‘mules’ ply Jozi streets

Tanzania is a transit point for drugs, the United Nations says, and South Africa is a prominent destination.

Tanzania: The ideal destination for drug gangs

Tanzanian authorities battle to curb rise in drug smuggling into and out of the country, Florence Majani reports.

Electioneering in Eldos: Will Zuma deliver on this promise?

Although Jacob Zuma’s visit to Eldorado Park was welcomed, there will have to be some action before it looks like anything more than electioneering.

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SABC retrenchment process set to be finalised on Friday

At a portfolio committee meeting on Tuesday, developing a sustainable funding model for the SABC was top of the agenda

Slain top cop blamed for not cooperating with police

The widow of Charl Kinnear submitted a petition to parliament to find out why protection services were withdrawn before her husband’s assassination

Zuma not at court to hear his arms-deal trial start date

The former president’s lawyers asked last week that he be excused from appearing in person, although no such arrangements were made for his snubbing of the Zondo commission

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