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Tuna in US found with Japan quake radiation

Bluefin tuna caught off the US coast have been found to contain radioactive material from Japan's quake-struck Fukushima nuclear plant.

Japan to switch off nuclear reactor

The last working reactor in Japan is to be switched off Saturday and has sparked a debate on whether Japan needs nuclear power.

It’s safe! Nervous Japanese MP sips on Fukushima water

A Japanese MP has been bullied into drinking water collected from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to back up claims of decontamination progress.

Thousands protest against nuclear power in Japan

Tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied in Tokyo, calling for an end to nuclear energy in Japan after the March 11 disaster.

Japanese protesters demonstrate anger over nuclear crisis

Anti-nuclear protesters have taken to the streets of Tokyo and other cities to mark six months since the March earthquake and tsunami.

Japanese minister resigns over insensitive comments

Japan's economy, trade and industry minister has resigned over his comments about radiation contamination in crisis-hit Fukushima.

Naoto Kan resigns as Japan’s prime minister

Japan's prime minister has announced his resignation after plunging approval ratings over his handling of the tsunami disaster and nuclear crisis.

Bottles become radiation detectors in Japan

To meet growing demand for radiation detectors, a Japanese researcher has come up with devices made from recycled plastic bottles.

Japan to halt cattle shipments from Fukushima

Japan's government said it will suspend shipments of beef cattle from Fukushima prefecture after discovering that cattle had eaten contaminated feed.

Japan’s ‘throwaway’ nuclear workers

The previously undisclosed hiring of welders from the US and South-east Asia underscores the way Tokyo Electric outsourced its riskiest work.

Tepco suspends clean-up at Fukushima plant

An operation to clean up radioactive water was suspended on Saturday, hours after it got under way, when radiation levels began rising dramatically.

Anti-nuke protests in Japan three months after quake

Japan on Saturday marks three months since its quake-tsunami resulted in a nuclear crisis while frustration grows over the government's slow response.

Fukushima nuclear plant may have suffered ‘melt-through’

Fuel rods have probably breached containment vessels -- a more serious scenario than core meltdown -- according to a report.

Germany maps out path to post-nuclear future

Germany has laid out its plans to abandon nuclear power in the next decade, while keeping its economy competitive and achieving its climate goals.

Japan’s nuclear crisis: How not to prepare for a disaster

Japanese nuclear regulators trusted that the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi were safe from the waves based on a single-page memo.

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