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UCT to rename more buildings

UCT has called for proposals for new names for buildings at the institution, to be more reflective of those who have been “honourable” in history

​There still aren’t enough black professors, despite university transformation attempts

More than 70% of professors at six universities are white, but the institutions do have plans to address this imbalance - and it’ll take time.

Urgent strategy needed to decolonise university curricula

The current model of curricula and how it is carried out needs to change in order to be effective, writes Suellen Shay.

Fort Hare: Forge the way for former black institutions

The university has played a historic role but must now lead the way in establishing leading African institutions of knowledge.

Fight’s on for mass-based education

Institutional autonomy and financial viability block equal access to higher learning.

Rhodes University: A demand for transformation

Students from the Black Student Movement at Rhodes University have occupied the council chambers as they demand transformation at the university.

‘A riot is the language of the unheard’

Forced into the public domain has been UCT's function as a "non-profit" corporation and its collusion with mining multinationals.

Not open, says Open Stellenbosch

It is specious of this university to hide its black staff quota in stats and nonacademic posts.

‘So white you’ve got to wear shades’

South African philosophers have an opportunity to integrate the African experience into the discipline.

Birth pangs of an African meritocracy

Universities must reject Western values and knowledge systems to redress inequalities.

Do away with transformation for transformation’s sake

For African universities to truly transform, higher education will have to reconsider its purpose.

Wits ignores painful black wounds

Transformation demands redress and a new symbolism that is truly South African.

To make hope and history rhyme, listen

Any change must deliver on the visions of the sidelined majority to be meaningful.

Dismantle colonialism’s assumptions

University curricula must be reformed, but we can’t begin on a foundation of misconceptions.

Our cultures should interact, not just coexist

Choosing any single medium of instruction at university level simply reinforces racial exclusivity.

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