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Phumlani Pikoli and the art of quitting school to make it

Writer, skater and filmmaker Phumlani Pikoli says his artistic intention was ‘to play’

Review: ‘A New Country’ portrays the lingering aftertaste of a bittersweet freedom

Taking its cues from the dimming of the hope suggested by rainbowism, ‘A New Country’ attempts to articulate the depths of betrayal South Africans feel

Review: The documentary ‘Clebs’ is an allegory for the human condition

‘Clebs’, which documents more than 750 dogs at a sanctuary in Morocco, provides some timely symbolism as it points to human truths

Review: ‘Planet of the Humans’ is a mess. You should watch it

The new documentary on the future of our planet, executive produced by Michael Moore, fails on a number of fronts. But believers in green growth could still learn from it.

​Mars mix might be TV’s future

Tomorrow’s television viewing could be a mashup of documentary meets fiction meets mockumentary.

Holocaust director hails jihadi doccie

Documentary depicts life among jihadi groups

Mary Ellen Mark, champion of ‘people on the edges’, dies

Mark, whose unflinching portraits of child prostitutes, mental patients and the homeless made her a leading documentary photographer, has died at 75.

‘Empire of dirt’: You can have it all

Through his father Clive, Ben Stillerman delves into the relationship between the efforts we put into our work and our private lives.

Talking to animals, one mosquito at a time

Doctor Dolittle in the flesh: South African-born Anna Breytenbach explores the phenomenon of talking to animals in The Animal Communicator.

Oppression across ?continents

The TriContinental Human Rights Film Festival opens in Johannesburg this weekend, with its usual full slate of documentaries from around the world.

No shortcut through the graveyard forest

A striking new documentary delves into the lives of Israelis and Palestinians living together but apart.

Encounters: Five of the best at the fest

We choose some of the must-see documentaries showing as part of the Encounters festival.

Jo’burg cast in new light, but old shadows abide

"Jeppe on a Friday" is a compelling documentary filmed in one day by eight female filmmakers.

Unholy conquest of the ‘eternal capital’

The narrative of filmmaker Mohammed Alatar’s disturbing 'Jerusalem: The East Side Story' begins predictably in 1947 with the division of Palestine.

Reminding us of the miracle of South Africa’s transition

Miracle Rising, a documentary tracing South Africa's difficult path to freedom and democracy, premieres on Sunday. Aneesa Fazel was at the preview.

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Don’t be deceived: Covid-19 vaccines are not for sale

Police warn against fake Covid-19 vaccines and urge the public to report any criminal activities

Zondo deplores ‘attempted killing’ of state capture witness who implicated Molefe

The deputy chief justice says an attack on one witness may deter many others from giving evidence

State’s failure to act leaves Mpumalanga community at land grabbers’ mercy

Mpumalanga land claimants have been failed by state organs, whose officials are not helping them to remove land invaders, despite a court order

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