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Lies, damn lies and WhatsApp: Why it pays to listen to political rumours in Zim

The rumour mill can shape politics — and reveal uncomfortable truths

Zimbabwe’s Solomon Mujuru: general and nonpartisan

Mujuru sought to professionalise Zimbabwe’s army in the 1980s; later, as an MP, he stood against partisanship. Today’s officers and politicians should follow his lead

The last hours of Solomon Mujuru

Zimbabwean General Solomon Mujuru died in suspicious circumstances in August 2011. This is an edited extract from his recently published biography by Blessing-Miles Tendi

Zim: General Mujuru’s companies in dire straits

Companies in which General Solomon Mujuru had interests have fallen on hard times.

Mystery Zim car-crash deaths haunt Zanu-PF

Questions are being raised over whether the deaths of a number of Zimbabwe politicians in car crashes were all accidental.

Solomon Mujuru estate under wraps to avoid multiple claimants

The estate of the late army general is being carefully managed following claims on behalf of illegitimate children and creditors.

Zim general’s death cleared of foul play

An inquest has ruled out foul play in the fiery death of former army commander Solomon Mujuru a top power broker in President Robert Mugabe's party.

Mujuru inquest could generate sympathy vote

An inquest into the death of General Solomon Mujuru has left many questions unanswered and room for more speculation and conspiracy theories.

Zim general’s death inquest wraps up

Testimony before an inquest into a Zimbabwean power broker's death has ended, leaving the last hours of Solomon Mujuru's life shrouded in suspicion.

Doubts raised about Mujuru’s cause of death

Suspicion that General Solomon Mujuru was murdered by political rivals had been raised after testimony before an inquest into his death ended.

General’s ghost haunts Zanu-PF

The inquest into Solomon Mujuru's suspicious death could intensify party factionalism.

Zim investigates ex-army chief Mujuru’s death

Zimbabwe has opened an inquest into the death of former army chief Solomon Mujuru in a case that has roiled President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF.

Espionage allegations point to infighting in Zanu-PF

The arrest of three Zimbabwean businessmen last month on espionage charges has intensified speculation about a witch-hunt in Zanu-PF.

Zim police end probe into Mujuru’s death

A police probe into the death of Zimbabwe kingmaker Solomon Mujuru in a fire at his home is complete, but for the findings of a court inquest.

How did Solomon Mujuru die? Zim MPs demand answers

MPs from across the political divide have called on Zimbabwe police to share what they know about the mystery death of 'kingmaker' Solomon Mujuru.

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