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‘The children cannot cope any more’: Suicide in Calvinia highlights lack of support for young

How Covid-19 has intensified the physical and emotional burdens placed on children’s shoulders.

Council wants Hawks, SIU probe into BAT’s Zimbabwe scandal

The cigarette maker has been accused of giving up to $500 000 in bribes and spying on competitors

How Alpha Condé overthrew Alpha Condé

Since the coup d’état, Guinea’s head of state has been in the custody of the military officers. But it was the president who was the primary architect of his own downfall

‘The Making of Mount Edgecombe’: A view of history from below

Indian indentured labourers’ lives are celebrated in a new book, Sugar Mill Barracks: The Making of Mount Edgecombe



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Encoding and decoding social unrest: A semiotic analysis of the ‘Zuma protests’

Labelling the protestors as looters denies the political consciousness of those living in precarity, it unconscionably encodes a criminal stereotype over the poor and erases any justice claims that motivate their actions

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Welcome to Benguela, Angola’s top holiday destination

Benguela exists in the country’s collective psyche in a way no other city does. It’s a place that’s inspired poets, musicians, writers and artists

Kagame: Rwanda is paying for the Cabo Delgado intervention’

Responding to widespread claims that France is funding Rwandan forces, the president says ‘no one is sponsoring’ his army

Democracy is still a dream in Guinea

Military juntas seldom protect human rights, but they justify their coups for this reason

Capitec Bank flies high above Viceroy’s arrow

The bank took a knock after being labelled a loan shark by the short seller, but this has not stymied its growth

Municipal employees to get a 3.5% increase after wage deal

The South African Local Government Association said a three-year wage deal had been agreed on the remuneration of municipal employees

Gold‌ ‌is‌ ‌mining’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌jobs‌ ‌loser,‌ ‌as‌ ‌platinum‌ ‌rakes‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌cash‌

The industry has lost 23 000 jobs since 2012, according to a Statistics South Africa census

ANC members take legal action over council selection disputes

Nine ANC members in the North West’s Greater Taung Municipality have sent a letter to the national list committee threatening to go to court should the ANC not respond to their demands.

Duarte wants ConCourt to punish Zille for local government elections tweets

If the candidate nomination process is not reopened, the ANC would lose 13 local municipalities it currently governs with a comfortable majority

Duarte threatens to remove North West’s Chauke from interim provincial committee

The ANC deputy secretary general wants the national executive committee members in the province to assess the suitability of the IPC coordinator


Matric exam timetable changes to accommodate elections

Moving the national senior certificate exams forward also allows matrics who are old enough to cast their ballots on 1 November

Early education can play a powerful role in fostering inclusion

The positive effect on the children has spilled over into the local community and improved social cohesion

Global benefits for students, universities

Online learning provides many opportunities for international students to overcome the usual hurdles of studying in South Africa

‘Stadiums are our second homes’: Sport’s vaccine incentive

Fans are desperate to return but authorities in the sector have shown little appetite to tackle difficult questions

Nijel Amos’ spirit not dampened by Tokyo setback

The Botswana middle-distance runner suffered an injury in qualifiers and could not make a podium finish in the finals. Though gutted, he is hard at work again and hopes to do better in the next Games

Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy and football’s inconvenient truths

A French defender’s rape allegations raise difficult ethical questions about whether and when clubs should suspend players

Make Brazil great again: Bolsonaro’s right-wing policies are not the trump

To understand more about what’s going on in South America’s most populous country, and what might happen next, The Continent spoke to João Bosco Monte, the head of the Brazil Africa Institute

9/11: It’s all I’ve ever known

Aaron White was six years old in New York City when the Towers fell. For the lucky ones, life just moved on

Did 9/11 really change everything? It’s hard to tell if you’re brown

Witnessing 9/11 in New York, the fear and the unity, no one could agree if we were entering a new world, or a depressingly familiar one


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