NG Kerk is repenting for apartheid
It was only in 1986 that the NG Kerk welcomed South Africans of all races to worship under one roof



Matriarch sent to visit her ancestors
Traditional funeral rituals are appropriate for a 116-year-old princess who shunned the ways of the West


Whose responsibility is it anyway?
A 2018 survey found that 51% of Gauteng residents don’t know which sphere is responsible for water and sanitation services

M&G Africa

WhatsApp: Cibiyar farfaganda a lokacin zaben Nijeriya
Kafofin sada zumunta sun taka muhimmiyar rawa a zaben Nijeriya da ya gabata.


German prosecutors charge ex-VW boss with fraud
Prosecutors in Brunswick, in northern Germany, said they had charged former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn and four other managers


Belief can move mountains – and transform schools
It only takes a good human being, who treats everyone with respect, to cast doubt on one’s ability to kill off God


Retail focus for banking’s phoenix
The African Bank, which relied on unsecured lending, has diversified its product offerings


Muslims long at home in New Zealand
This religious community has grown from the arrival of a few sailors in 1769 to a large number of refugees throughout the twentieth century


Why do governments trust Big Pharma more than their citizens?
Italy has come up with a plan to slash the cost of medicines by May. But for the strategy to work, they need everyone to get on board.

Arts & Culture

The oneness of all things
A melody pierced the membrane of childhood ennui and life was never the same


Tiger, endangered species no more
The golfing legend proved at the US Masters that he can still pounce

Client Media Releases

ITWeb, VMware second CISO survey under way
Doctoral study on leveraging the green economy
NWU's LLB degree receives full accreditation
Trusts must register as home builders