A suspect contract blew the fuse
Eskom is investigating irregularities that resulted in the power utility cancelling a tender process



Splurge does little for Sharpeville
Residents are angry that commemorating the massacre has not resulted in a better life for them


Pan-Africanist parties hope for revival
They believe black consciousness has made a comeback and they will attract voters on May 8

M&G Africa

Beira, one week after the  apocalypse
Mozambique’s second city was destroyed by Cyclone Idai, and the mayor claims that aid is being politicised. Beira will never be the same


Three countries endanger world
Reality-denying United States, Brazil and Saudi Arabia join forces to stop another bid to understand the dangers of tinkering with climate


Children’s progress is more than kissing babies
Parties have early childhood development in their election manifestos but the path to it is tricky


Hawks’ Steinhoff probe angers MPs
It has taken the investigative unit almost a year to follow up on a single allegedly fraudulent transaction


Trump says Mueller investigation report should be made public
The nearly two-year-old investigation is examining whether the US president himself criminally obstructed the probe


Life, death & cure: ‘What is the point of taking a drug that makes you feel worse?’
For years, catching this drug-resistant bacteria meant painful treatment that risked your hearing and mental health. Now, that could be changing.

Arts & Culture

The Weekend Guide
For good vibes and an arts fix, don't miss this


The Bok-ready Bulldog who was fed to the sharks
Ian Fihlani was one of the best wings of his time, but rugby politics kept him on the bench

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SA political parties talk foreign policy
Barloworld announces new group structure
Should I stay or should I grow?
Use Microsoft's eDiscovery for non-Office 365 data sources