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Is Donald Trump a dictator in the making?

Trump’s recent pronouncement that he might not accept the outcome has led many to ask whether he poses a threat to democracy.

North Korea conducts nuclear test, drawing new sanctions

North Korea has conducted its third nuclear test in defiance of UN resolutions, angering the US and Japan and prompting China to call for calm.

Kim Jong-un marshals power in North Korea

Kim Jong-un has been made "Marshal" of North Korea, a title previously held by his late father, as the young successor tightens his grip on power.

Cancel rocket launch, Obama tells North Korea

Barack Obama has urged North Korea to cancel a planned rocket launch, warning the regime it had nothing to gain from 'threats or provocations'.

N Korea to hold first Parliament session under new leader

North Korea said on Saturday it will hold an annual parliamentary session next month during which Kim Jong-un, is expected to be appointed officially.

The unbearable prospect of not being Kim

Kim Jong-il impersonator fears his career might have run its course after the death of the North Korean leader.

Jong-il’s ‘immortalised’ body to go on display

The preserved body of Kim Jong-il will go on permanent display in a Pyongyang palace and memorial towers will be built to honour the late leader.

N Korea’s Jong-un solidifies support with mass rally

Tens of thousands of North Koreans have packed the snowy main square of the capital to pledge their loyalty to new leader Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un formally declared N Korea’s ‘supreme leader’

A day after mourners packed Pyongyang to bid adieu to 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-il, North Korea has completed the transfer of power to his youngest son.

N Korea’s mourning continues as Jong-Un climbs

Kim Jong-Il's son, Kim Jong-Un, is being lauded as the head of the workers' party central committee while his uncle shapes as power-broker.

Kim Jong-un strengthens power with new post

Kim Jong-un has been identified as head of a top decision-making body of the Workers' Party, giving him authority over political and military matters.

Paving the way for Jong-Un to take the reins in N Korea

North Korea's leading newspaper has referred to the son of Kim Jong-Il as head of a key ruling party body, suggesting he's on track to take control.

N Korea warns South of ‘catastrophic’ consequences

North Korea has warned of 'unpredictable catastrophic consequences' for relations unless Seoul eases restrictions on visits to mourn Kim Jong-Il.

Kim Jong-un hailed as North Korea’s ‘supreme commander’

North Korea has vowed to uphold with 'blood and tears' Kim Jong-il's son as 'supreme commander' as the country prepares him to be its leader.

What’s the plan if North Korea collapses?

North Korea appears to be making an orderly transition after the death of Kim Jong-il last week, but the risk of collapse is higher than before.

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